Woolite Darks – Share confidence

If you had the chance to #shareconfidence, would you? Woolite in partnership with
Dress for Success® celebrates the power of clothing to give women transformational confidence.

Woolite and Dress for Success®
help more women look and feel amazing.


Woolite and Dress for Success have partnered to celebrate the importance of clothing
to women's confidence. We believe clothes have the power to transform us, and wearing
clothes that look their best can give us confidence that makes the world take notice.

So we hit the streets to spot women looking great in their polished dark looks.
Then we asked if they'd like to give their clothes along with the confidence that comes
with them to women who could use a boost to make a new start in life.
Watch the video below for the full story.


Woolite and Dress for Success.
A relationship based on care.

Woolite cares for clothes, and the people who love them. That's why Woolite Darks
is designed to provide a caring clean for the clothes that help you look and feel your best
when you go out to take on the day.


Dress for Success shares this mission by providing professional clothing and career development
to women who are achieving financial self-sufficiency. As an international non-profit,
Dress for Success has helped over 925,000 women in 20 countries, and we are honored
to be a partner in the important work they do to empower women.